Kona Vocational

Helping hands and hearts

The Purpose: 

Providing a safe and caring environment where students can tackle the challenges of life through mentorship. This is done with men and women who have experience in various fields and are just as interested in developing the heart as the head. Through mentorship we hope to build confidence in the lives of kids, they matter, and we want them to have a sense of accomplishment through knowing they can do something and take pride in it.

Our Method:

 Introduction to the trades and vocational programs.  

We Teach

 A master tradesman will be brought in to talk about the specific sets of skills and how that skill translates to everyday life and job employment. Kids will be taught how to identify and use specific tools safely. 

We Train

Students will be given projects where they put into practice what they have been taught. Again, safety and proper technique will be demonstrated to ensure confidence to tackle similar projects on their own.

We Mentor

Mentorship is an important part of what we do.  Such discussions as hard work, responsibility, and respect are things that we discuss as we get started on a project. 

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